SEOComp Professional Services


If you are thinking about how best to promote your website over the long-term, your choice should ALWAYS be Search Engine Optimisation. Unfortunately SEO cannot be done in a few days. It’s a long process but it’s definitely more beneficial and efficient. First SEO results are usually seen after the first few weeks of our work. To complete our promise to put your website in TOP7 results it usually takes us up to 7 months.

We advise Pay Per Click campaigns only to those clients who would like create occasional campaigns and need to attract customers to their website frequently. We definitively dissuade Pay Per Display campaigns and also Pay Per Lead which are very expensive and they also do not protect against click fraud. PPC campaigns are not as efficient as SEO and you will be charged for every visit even if it is generated by fraud or human misclick . If your market is very competitive and you only need occasional sales please contact us and we will setup an efficient Google-Adwords campaign for you. We usually charge only 15% of your campaign spending but you will save much more.